Transport 4


With customers both from Finland and other parts of the world, we are an international company with wide experience and knowledge. A great number of our trucks and spare parts are exported to different parts of the world. We offer a wide range of different means of transportation to be able to deliver your parts in a way most suitable to your needs. Through our network of international transporters, we are able to offer competitive alternatives of transport both within Finland as well as to other parts of the world.

When buying larger parts or volumes, the parts can be loaded into a container and shipped to the port of your choice. It is also possible to load your parts on a truck you have bought from us, which is a very cost-efficient transportation alternative. Before transportation all parts undergo oil removal. Our qualified personnel with years of experience in loading containers takes excellent care of your vehicles. We are happy to provide you with transportation when needed, and also take care of any documents necessary for transportation and export.